In 1871, Louis Vuitton Scribe opened a new store on the Boulevard; 1875 branch opened to the center of London. Development of the company's innovative products provide a more solid foundation: the brand's classic product hard luggage was born in 1889, it was adapted to long-distance travel bumps,louis vuitton bags, louis vuitton outlet, louis vuitton purses, louis vuitton neverfull, give travelers need most at ease and comfort - so far, it are the pride of Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton's son George Vuitton (Georges L. Vuitton), inherited the family tradition of ingenuity, showing talent in a small inventions. In 1890, he invented a special lock "5-tumbler" - a key feature is that it used, you can open the client himself all Louis Vuitton luggage, to avoid tying up a lot of travelers in the pants key trouble.

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