After World War II, lack of raw materials such as leather to canvas for the alternatives. Printed with the letter G pairs for trademark logo and eye-catching red and green as a symbol of Gucci in all kinds of canvas briefcase, handbag, wallet and other products within Gucci. gucci outlet, gucci handbags, gucci bags, gucci belt, replica gucci handbags, Gucci excellence in the luggage industry has developed with the French Louis Vuitton (Louis - Vuitton) famous brand. But also other manufacturers around the world copied, imitated object. After this a decade or two, with the range of products continues to expand, the early years to Florence-based Gucci rapid rise development around the world have branches of international groups, products throughout Europe, America and Asia. Not only popular shoes, bags, boxes, etc., as well as clothing, perfumes, household items, scarves and other accessories.

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